18+ Social Media Sharing Widgets For Blogger Blogs

TOP 18 BLOGGER WIDGETSWith every new day we kept on blessing the Google Blogger with new widgets but we never expected that the number of widgets would grew to such a level that we would need a summary post for it. Thanks to your consistent feedback and motivation we are presenting the top 18 widgets created at MBT as a summary to help you better reach our resources. These widgets include major social networking buttons and counters from Facebook, twitter, stumbleUpon to the newly born Google +1'd button. The widgets load fast and are well coded in order to make them compatible with all major browsers. Kindly choose a widget of your choice and click the image  for reading the tutorial.

1. Floating Facebook Twitter Counters

2. Sliding +1 Counters & More

3. Facebook Style Social Share Buttons -Below Post Titles


4. Add Social Networking counters Below Blog Titles

5. Digg, Retweet Buttons and More -Below Post Titles

6. Google+, twitter, stumbleupon - Below Post Titles

7. Google Buzz Follow and Count Buttons

8. 1+ Count Buttons

9. LinkedIn Share Count Buttons

10. Facebook Like and Send Button

11. Facebook send button


12. Bookmark and Share Widget

13. Social Bookmarking and Share widget


14. Show Followers Count Of RSS, Facebook and Twitter

15. Social Media Widget With Search Box

16. Share Buttons For Post Bottom

17. Customize Twitter Follow Button in 7 ways!

18. Create Custom Follower Counters


20. Do You Like This Story?

If I have missed mentioning any widget that we already published then please let me know. I will publish some more as my vocations just started. Hope you will like this post. Peace and blessings brothers and sisters. :)

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