4+ Image Slider Widgets For Blogger

slideshow widgetsThis year we created many image slideshows and image galleries. This widgets can be used for displaying popular posts or your featured posts. It gives great professional touch to your simple blogger blogs. They can easily be installed using a one step process without the need of any extra ordinary tech skills. These sliders users updated versions of jquery and JavaScript to produce brilliant image sliding effects. You can easily navigate between next and previous images or pictures. Pure CSS and HTML is used to give is a strong structure so that the galleries may work fine on all browsers. Following are the Image slideshows for blogger blogs released by MBT so far,


1. Simple Image Slider

This loads faster and is compatible with all major browsers.


2. Image Slideshow V1

This slideshow uses brilliant effects like brick effect, falling slices, fade in , fade out and a lot more. It is worth $20-$50 but thanks to its developer you can now install it for free. This widget is however compatible with IE7 and above and not with old versions.

3. Image Slideshow V2

To cover the loop holes of slider in V1 we released this new version which can be seen on many wordPress blogs. It is a JQuery image slider with simple navigation to help you switch between slides.

4. Blogger Picture Gallery

Just few days ago we released an extremely easy to use, plug and play gallery widget for blogger. It has a fade effect and description panel and also contains control options like play and pause. You can see it live on my blog too.


How did you find them so far?

I will be releasing more professional sliders and galleries soon. I hope this summary post will help you know what has been published so far on image thumbnail slideshows. Please let us know which one is your favourite and why. You can also ask us for any technical help if needed. Peace and blessings be upon you all. :)

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