Disable The New Facebook Chat Sidebar & Recover Old FB Chat

disable facebook chat sidebarSometimes changes in the layout of Facebook often gets a thumbs down by the users. Just like how much people hated the new Facebook layout with photo streams above, similarly do people found the new social chat window appearing on the right sidebar as equal irritation. In order to disable this chat sidebar that shows photo thumbnails of friends available for chat and recover the older chat view then lets play with some workarounds.

Disable New and Recover Old Facebook Chat

There are two apps for Mozilla, Opera and for Chrome that does the magic. I will recommend that you try both of them and see which one you like the most.

Recover Old FaceBook Chat:

This add-on will replace the new social chat window with the older one. You can download the Chrome extension by clicking here 

new facebook chat sidebar


Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler:

This add-on performs the exact same operation but with a different style. This one works for smart phones like IPhone or android because it has an Opera version. After installing the add-on in order to toggle between old-style chat and new-style chat, use the Options menu in the buddy list.

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