Facebook is Blocking Google+ Invites: The Social Media War Begins

FacebookVSGoogleJust Tuesday Google spokesperson Randall Safara posted a video on Google+ that showed that Facebook is limiting the spread of Google+ invites on their news Feed. He created a video to show the evidence. Amazingly all status updates showed up fine except the Google Plus Invite link which did not showed up on his friends news feed. Even in May, a controversy erupted where a PR firm exposed Facebook involved in publishing anti-Google stories in the press. Randall's video will give you a clear picture of the growing Facebook's jealousy and fear over G+. See it for yourselves:


So far Google+ traffic chart is going really fine and much more is expected from this new social media giant. Only time will tell if it succeeds in capturing a major portions of FB's market control. I personally don't like Facebook for destroying the social life style with its poor privacy issues and I would always thumbs up any Google+ moves. What are your views on this latest development? Did you experience the same problem while inviting friends on Google+ through Facebook?

However there are still some funny ways in which you can try,

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