Google+ Games Launched! Play Angry Birds on Google Plus

Angry birds on Google plusThe most awaited feature of the new social mega giant network has just been uncovered. Google Plus games apps have been just made available to all active users worldwide. The featured games category include the most popular games of smart phones which include Angry birds, city of wonder, Bejeweled, Zynga Poker and more. There are at present a total of 16 games available that you can play online. Most of these games are single player and I am sure multiplayer games are on its way too that will give you even a more social touch.

Games are always a great marketing tool to attract wide amount of traffic and Google knows it well. Facebook games like mafia wars and others have been one of the many reasons why Facebook become so much popular world wide. After games I am sure the next big news would be the Google+ Ads hanging on sidebars of your profile accounts.

How to play a Game on Google Plus?

Simply click the games tab at the top of your Google+ account and then choose a game that you wish to play as shown below,

Google games tab

google plus featured games

To see the complete list of games simply click the All Games link on your left side to see all 16 games available.

Your accomplishments such as high scores, points, and levels passed will be visible to your friends on Google+. This way your friends will know if you have played the game or not. I will be publishing some tricks on how to score high on Google plus games and this will surely let you enjoy free time online.

Your scores will appear live on Games Stream!

Now you can not hide your scores. Whether you receive a gift or curse from Fortuna it will be visible to all your friends in circles so better play hard and leave good impressions. :d

Game stream

Sergey Brin (Google co founder) says that he scored 35390 in level 1-1 of Angry Birds. Do you think you can beat it? Tell him what you can! :p

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