Google+ Invites Limited to 150 Per User

I just came to know that now all Google+ users are restricted to 150 invites only. You can at most invite 150 people on a single Google Plus account. Google+ now also provides you with a unique invite share URL or link that you can post anywhere to invite friends directly. This is the same invite link that is blocked by Facebook. You can find this unique URL on your Google+ homepage towards the right sidebar under "Send invitations - 150 left" Upon clicking it you can easily copy the invite URL and share it with friends on forums, blogs and social networks to invite more and more people. You can invite people by email or by a share link as shown below,


Google+ invites limit


Google+ invites URL

You can clearly see that only 150 sign ups can be made per account. So invite only close friends and use the limit carefully. This is done so that the social network may not become a spam spot or adventure park where anyone would come and go. Only active social people are allowed to join Google Plus. Since we still have 150 invites left so you can post your email ID's below for an invite as we have enough accounts and the limit does not bound us. :p

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