How To Create RSS Feeds For Google+?

google-plus -feedsSince the day Google Plus stepped into online social media, developers are trying every possible app to further enhance the G+ experience.  At present no developers help page exists at Google Plus as it is still in its testing mode but some people do always find a way to bring something innovative. Plus Feed is a free open source app tool that creates an Atom feed of your Google Plus Posts that you share publically.  You can use any application to subscribe to the updates. You can use your browser bookmarks or Google reader or My Yahoo!. Many options. Lets learn how to create a Feed to your posts that may update your friends, visitors and fans whenever you share something on Google+.


Create an Atom Feed For Google+

Simply replace the highlighted digital number below with your Google+ ID,

You can get your G+ ID by clicking profile and then copy the number from your address bar.

Google+ profile url

Google plus ID

Now once you created the Feed URL simply share it with your visitors using this HTML Code,

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" >Subscribe to our G+ Updates</a>

I have optimized the link so you can safely use it. On clicking the link your visitors will see this page,

Google+ RSS Feeds

From the Subscribe to this feed using option they can choose which service to use to subscribe to your updates. That's all! have fun :)

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