How To Report a Copyright Violation To YouTube?

Report copyright violation on youtubeYouTube has an easy option of reporting violation of its Community Guidelines and that option is clicking the "Flag" button below the video. After you report the video with your selected reason, YouTube staff will review it. If the video is found to be in violation of YouTube's Community Guidelines which includes pornography, harassment, graphic violence or harmful or dangerous acts then the video will be removed from the site. But what if someone has stolen your video and taken away all your credits by uploading the video with their company name. Most often this happens with music videos and movie trailers.  There is a longer procedure which you can apply to get the video deleted. Follow up.

NOTE: Do not misuse this method by making false claims else your YouTube account will get banned.

Submitting Copyright Infringement Notification To YouTube

If your video content has been infringed, stolen and republished without your permission, then you as the original owner can follow the procedure below to get your right back:

  1. Go To YouTube Copyright Complain Page
  2. Then fill up the first two options like this:

Copyright Infringement Noitification

      3.   Submit the URL of your original content and also the URL of the page where your content is republished/infringed/stolen.

      4.  After you have provided all necessary details then simply click the "Submit Complaint" Button and you are all done!

You will most probably receive a reply within 48 hours if your issue was crystal clear but if your case needed more investigation then it can take a week too.


Sign up for a Content ID?

To avoid violation of your videos on YouTube you can also create a Content ID that will be more like a license to all your videos uploaded on YouTube. If someone tries to re-upload the video that you already published then YouTube will automatically compare that new video upload with yours in their data bases and will instantly delete it.  Watch this video to know more,


For more details on YoutTube Content ID click here. To sign up for a ContentID then kindly click here

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