MBT’s Crackdown On Copyright Violators Begins

REPORT copyright-violationJust yesterday I submitted several URLs for violating our terms of service and for infringing our articles. Almost every post published at this blog is republished as duplicate on several other blogs and forums. Unfortunately most of these violators include our subscribers. Despite mentioning clearly that efforts should be respected by giving attribution to MBT blog whenever the content from this blog is shared somewhere else but instead most people violate our copyrights by sharing the templates, icons and widgets with their own names thereby taking all credits to themselves.

I never understand these people and the ethical background that they belong to. We have therefore decided to take strict action against those who share our content without our permission and attribute us with a no follow tag. We have reserved a fixed quote of blog revenue for fighting Copyright Infringement. We have already successfully deleted many posts shared by violators with the help of Blogger and AdSense and we will continue doing so at pro level with the help of DMCA.

I will share URLs and stories of some violators who have been already identified by us, reported to AdSense, Blogger and DMCA and successfully removed. We will share evidences of those reports today.

I personally thank my loyal readers for always being a support and motivation. I thank those who often inform us about copyright violators and abusers.  I will always need your help. Please inform us as soon as you see any of our tutorial being copied on another blog. Also report blogs which doesn’t link to us despite sharing our tricks with their own words.

I will be writing several posts on online plagiarism and republication of unauthorized content. I will also mention free ways of reporting a website to these services

  1. AdSense
  2. AdWords
  3. Android Market
  4. Blogger/Blogspot
  5. Gmail
  6. Image Search
  7. Orkut
  8. Picasa
  9. Web Search
  10. YouTube

All this crack down is done to make sure we provide you with quality and unique content. I will make sure you are served to the best level possible.  Now you can blog happily without worrying about some people who will never cooperate and rather enjoy eating your hard earned revenue. 

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