Google+ API Launch Far From Near

develope google plus appWith Google+ emerging as a better social connecting network; application developers (and just the curious student programmers) are eagerly waiting to start with some cool google + app. Of course everyone of us wish to develop and setup a Google+ app but how?

Fortunately or unfortunately, google+ API is not yet available to public. API (Application Programming Interface) can be understood as protocols or rules for building specified software applications. Google+ engineers and programmers are taking their time to develop a stable API before involving thousands if not millions of 3rd party developers with them.

It makes total sense to deal with complexities of API first rather than having users play with an application developed for under refined platform. And then cope with the unsatisfied customers blaming google+ and not the developers for the bugs.

One of google+ developer has given a statement about API launch being months away. So, it is still a lot of time to wait, unless you become the “trusted tester”. Sign in here: Google Plus Developers Page to receive updates about development opportunities and get a chance to preview an app before it is released to public.

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