How To Find width and height of Images on a Webpage?

find image dimensionsThere is an excellent browser add-on that I am using since years while designing templates. Its called measureit. It lets you measure the dimensions of images and other webpage elements by telling you the exact width and height attributes in pixels. I often use it to to find width and height ratio of elements on a web page. I just need to draw a ruler across an image, picture or any div section of a webpage to find out its size dimensions. You no more need to take screenshots and then use photoshop to calculate the dimensions. Simply install this cool app on your browsers and start measuring exact dimensions of webpage elements.


Measure Image Dimensions with Measureit

Lets you draw a rectangular ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels. Click here to to add this add-on to your Firefox, Safari or chrome browsers. All major browsers supported. Though not Compatible with Firefox 6.

Test drive

This add-on will appear at the bottom right corner of your firefox status bar. Click it and start drawing a ruler across any page element and find out its width and height sizes in pixels. Simple yet useful! Have fun. :>

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