How To Link Like button To Facebook Like Page

linking like button to facebook like pageThis tutorial may sound nothing new for those who know the correct way of linking a Facebook like page to your like button but for those who are still thinking how this is done then kindly carry on reading. You may have seen almost every well established blog with a Facebook like button on the homepage but this button doesn't just shares the blog URL on user profile but it automatically likes the Facebook page of the author thereby increasing the number of his Facebook followers. This helps greatly in increasing your social media following and of course traffic to your site. Lets do it,


Linking Like page To Like Button

Facebook provides two different codes that is the iframe code and XFBML code. We generally prefer using the iframe code when pasting the  FB code inside the template but if you wish to paste the code inside a HTML/JavaScript widget then you can use both versions. In this tutorial I will be using the iframe version of code to keep things simple.

  1. And make the following changes as shown in the screenshot also,
  • Paste your Like Page URL inside "URL to like"
  • Keep width size equal to 80px
  • Uncheck send button and show faces
  • Change layout Style to button-count

like button settings

      3.    Hit the Get code button and copy the iframe code.

Next do this:

  1. Go To Blogger > Design
  2. Select HTML/JavaScript widget
  3. Paste the iframe code inside this widget
  4. Save it and you are all done!

Test it


Kindly do a favour and click at the like button near the header of this blog and see how the count on like page increases automatically.

Now enjoy receiving valuable likes and not just temporary FB likes. This integration of Facebook like button with like page was recently introduced and it wasn't working before. If you have any questions then feel free to ask. Peace and blessings. :)

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