Identify Font Type and Font Color on a Website

find font typeWhatfont a great chrome extension that lets you easily identify the font family, font size and font color of the text being used on any webpage. It gives you complete details about the type of being used and what other alternative font types are in use of the website. Most often when you visit different sites or blogs, the first thing that attracts you the most if the clarity and neatness of text display. Since people visiting your web blog will be of different age so you must make sure to choose a standard font color, font family that must be compatible with all browsers and of course a good font size. We get inspirations from sites which have brand the internet and therefore to identify what font styles and colors they are using you must try out this great Chrome extension.


Install Whatfont

Click here to Install Whatfont

Once installed click the whatfont button at the top right corner to activate it. Then you can simply hover your mouse on any text you want to inspect. You can also click near a text to fetch complete details of it like font family, size, line hieght and color.

identify font

what font is this?

You can also tweet the information you just read which says " I like this typography design with verdana etc" I guess your twitter friends will love it. :p

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