Official Blogger app for iOS 3.2+ Released

iphone bogging appBlogger team has just released a blogging app for Apple IPhone. Just a month ago they released the Android App for Blogger and now they have developed a new blogging app for iOS which is compatible with versions 3.2 and above. This app can be download for free from App Store. This apps lets you write new posts using your mobile phone. You can write, edit, publish and even save a post as draft. The user interface is in English but all languages are supported. Just like your Blogger editor you can use this app to upload photos from your folder or you can even add instant photos to your posts taken from your iPhone set. You can can add labels and tag locations. However the  HTML mode is not supported. You can only edit the posts using the compose mode.


blogging ios app

Though Blogger Team keeps on developing new tools to turn blogging viral but the user response concerned with the efficiency of these apps is not very satisfying. Users are again complaining of bugs and errors. We published a detailed post on the problems related to the Blogger App for Android and we shared reviews from users and published their views on the app. Unfortunately 2 third of the majority voted down the Apps flexibility and ease of use.

We also shared unofficial blogging apps for IPhone and IPod touch. You can try them to and decide it for yourself which one works best for you.

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