Should you Enable Blogger Dynamic Views?

Dynamic views

Blogger has now officially introduced Dynamic views for all blogs by default. Now you can change the layout of your custom template into different shapes. A dynamic view is an automated code that rearranges your div areas and automatically changes the default style sheet settings into different flavours and colours. In short it provides your readers with better readability. This new feature helps you to arrange your posts, comment body and sidebar in different orientation. It arranges them into either a stream of thumbnail images or table containing columns of your latest posts. However this new feature has some advantages as well as some drawbacks which I have shared below.


How to Enable dynamic View For your blog?

  1. Go To blogger > Design > Template Designer
  2. Now you have 7 different layout options namely classic, Flipcard, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot, Timeslide.
  3. Choose the one you like and hit the "Apply to Blog" button at the top-right corner
  4. Done!


Advantages of Dynamic Views

This dynamic view has the best advantage of being compatible with all major browsers such as Mozilla, IE8 and Chrome and Safari. It also uses light theme that tremendously helps in reducing your blog load time. The layout are perfectly coded so each widget will remain at its position and wont interrupt neighboring widgets during load time. Stylesheet is the one officially provided by blogger and it rarely contains any image so again helps your blog to load quickly. Blogs with this feature enabled are better browsed, bookmarked and viewed even on smart phones.

Disadvantages of Dynamic Views

You don't have complete control over the appearances of your widgets and post body. While applied most widgets stop working and are misaligned. No special attention is paid to sidebar section. All widgets get replaced or deleted. The sponsor area and subscription area disappears. Again applying it though provides you with main delightful bonuses but if you are running a professional blog with ads on it then better quit this feature. However if you are running a personal diary or non-commercial blog then you can surely go for it in order to let your fans enjoy different flavors of your site.

I hope this little info proves helpful to most of you.

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