Did Google Terminate PageRank?

pagerankThe sudden disappearance of PageRank on Plugins, add-ons and extensions have given rise to a new debate of whether Google PageRank is now dead/ended or no more exists. A PageRank is a website authority rank with 0 being the least and 10 being the highest. It tells about how much the site is trusted by other web owners. Its authority is judged by the number of backlinks a website receives. PageRank has become so much popular amongst webmasters that people started buying links and selling links the very next year it was introduced. A PageRank increase do also encourages the author to write more and generate more quality content. However these days many add-ons such as searchstatus and seoquake along with Google Toolbar (Update: It does show PR now) stopped showing PR for a page and instead show 0 or N/A or Private. There are some misconceptions which must be cleared.


Why is PageRank Ended?

It is not! This has been confirmed by Dave Naylor. The servers where PageRank databases were stored has now been changed to a different address. Each server has a unique URL which is used by developers to fetch the PageRank data. PageRank visible on Google Toolbar was often debated for showing out-dated rank from the actual Google PR calculation for a website SERP rank. This can be one reason why this sudden change arise. May be Google is better enhancing this feature by providing users with more accurate and up to date Rank record.

What would happen if PageRank Service Ends?

I don't think it is logical to even think this way. PageRank though being violated by link sellers and some SEO agencies still holds a lot of reputation in the eyes of web masters. It is one reason which motivates bloggers to work harder and produce more quality content. It is responsible for creating an environment of competition amongst Publishers and thus responsible for improving content quality.

In case if it really ends which can be a dream come true for people with low PR than this would become a blessing in favor of Alexa and MozRank. Sponsors will value Alexa Rank more and would buy spots at higher prices on blogs with rich Alexa Rank. MozRank is again a similar ranking algorithm maintained by SEOMOZ. It is also based on backlinks and the result rating it produces differs a little from that of Google PR tool.

SEOQuake PageRank Fix

In order to enable seoquake to show the correct Pagerank then kindly follow these easy steps,

1. Go to SEOQuake Preferences


2.  Select Google PageRank then click Edit


Replace the code that you see inside that box with the following one

[NAME]=Google pagerank

3.  Now to make things more clean kindly clear your Firefox Cache and then Restart Firefox

4. Bingo you are all done!

How to Check PageRank?

Some tools still work and displays correct PR for a site. I would recommend that you use PageRank Checker Tool Simply submit Site URL and see the correct PR for a page. You can also select a PR badge to show on your blog.

I will keep you updated with all news related to this hot topic. For the time being you can enjoy reading the following posts:

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