Top 10 Earning 'Websites' Of 2011

I recently posted the list of Top 10 Earning Blogs of 2011, and today we are here with another exciting lists that would also motivate us. Get ready to get shivered, by the way. These top websites are well know to us and would further impress us when we examine that per second income model.

You might be wondering, Google to top the list. It was the case 3-4 years back, but as per latest stats, Amazon tops the list. Dam that was a spoiler.

As before, the list would be in ascending order of per second income.

10. iTunes

Yes, iTunes. iTunes is over headed by Apples vice president, Jeff Robbin. Steve jobs knew the impact that the great man could make to the Apple products. Jeff had a great role in introducing iPods too.

As a result, iTunes earns 60.21$ per second with $1,900,000,000 annual revenue.


9. Paypal

How would the world be without PayPal? PayPal is the most popular online money transfer company which is used by a huge number of people around the world. The giant site was made by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek, who brought it to a stage where the mammoth earns $91.90 a second and $2,900,000,000 a year.

That is huge!. It takes almost an year for many people to get their first 100$ Adsense cheque. Just sayin.

8. Expedia

Expedia deals with the travel side of the world. People can buy tickets, get to know flights fares etc. The website is owned by Mark Schroeder which makes $2,937,010,000 annually with per second rate of $93.07.


7. AOL

News, Sports, Entertainment, Weather etc is what the site features. The website has an Alexa rank of 59. AOL was made by Erik Prince which earns $3,137,100,000 annually with a per second rate of $99.41.



6. Reuters

Reuters is mostly a news website, as the name suggests which was started by Marshal Wace . The website earned an Alexa rank of 180 and thus a huge traffic provides an annual revenue of $3,400,000,000 with an per second rate of $107.74.


5. Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the most poplar websites on the internet cloud. Yahoo is 4 on Alexa ranking. The website generates the revenue of $6,460,000,000 with a per second rate of $204.71. Jerry Yang and David Filo are the lucky owners.


4. ebay

eBay is an online business store just like Amazon. Its among the worlds top 21 websites that make a huge deal of money. Pierre Omidyar started the site and now earns $276.56 every second and $8,727,360,000 annually.


3. Comcast

Comcast is also an 'all n one' website that is among the worlds top 198 websites. The website earns $276.56 every second and collects $8,727,360,000 a year. W0ot!


2. Google

Google! Ever heard of it? The website needs no explanation. Google was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The search engine is thought to be the leading website in the world with a massive domination on the virtual internet world. 

Google earns  $23,650,560,000 an year and $749.46 a second!!

1. Amazon

Finally we have here Amazon, that is the leading online market which is huge! There are deals of $776.66 per second summing up to $24,509,000,000 annually.

Liked the list? Got inspired? Start building up your own brand today.

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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