Facebook Video Calling Now Working!

facebook video callingIn July 2011 Facebook joined hands with Skype to offer its users with video calling option as a response to Google Plus but due to some technical problems it soon stopped working and now after four months of hard labour, Facebook Developers finally made the Video Calling Option available for all their users world wide. You can learn here in detail on how to set up a video call and how to start a video call with a friend and have fun chatting face to face live.


Learn Facebook Video Calling Basics

Click the link below for complete guideline on how to set up and install the video option on your Facebook accounts.

WebCam Settings

If you want to install your webcam and learn how to make proper adjustments for better and quality video and audio streaming then please read this tutorial:

How good is Facebook with Skype?

The feedback till now is not impressive. The quality of video chat on facebook is not the same as you may have experienced on actual skype Call. Users are experiencing several pauses, audio streaming problems and dull video experience. Further at present you can invite only one friend for a video  chat on contrary to Google Plus where you can video call 10 people at a time! Google+ Hangout indeed has received fragile applause from audience and its option of video conferencing is indeed a milestone for Google developers. But we still can expect improvement from mighty Facebook in coming days. Happy video calling! =)

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