Google PageRank Update Nov 2011

PageRank update 2011This is a quick announcement to inform you all that a minor PageRank update took place just two days ago i.e. Nov 8th. The last update took place in August 2011. Fortunately this update proved fruitful for most and especially to MBT guest posters with a PageRank rise up to PR 2.0 and PR 4.0. It feels great pleasure when we see new faces joining the blogging community and proving a productive resource to all of us. I hope the sudden Google algorithm update this time might have brought a positive output to you all. If you didn't receive any change in PageRank then you must relax and work harder. Same goes for me. However if you have experienced a PR drop then it means that you still have a chance to improve your on-page and off-page optimization. The following topics will prove helpful to most of you,


What's your PageRank?

Do let me know how good was this update for all you? Peace brothers. :)

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