How To Create a Google+ Page?

Google Plus pagesJust Like Facebook Like Pages, Google+ has introduced the fan, followers or +1 pages for web masters thus providing them better option of driving traffic to themselves by updating their readers through Google Plus. Google+ Pages are now also available for local business purposes. Soon you will be able to submit your Site or Blog RSS Feed to Google+ to automatically update your readers whenever you publish a new post. Lets now create a cool Google+ Page for your blog by following the easy steps below.


Create a Google Plus Page

  1. Choose Local Product or Brand as your category

Google Plus pages


       3.   Fill up the details with your website title and URL.

       4.  Accept the Terms and hit the create button

        5. You have now successfully created a Google+ page!

The next step would be to inform all your friends in your Google+ profile to join your Fan page. Simply follow the easy instructions that may follow up. Describe your blog in 10 simple words and upload your blog logo. After which you will be asked to share your page on your profile as a post. Do it in order to inform everyone about your new Fan page.

How To Delete Google+ Pages?

In case you wish to delete your fan page then simply follow these steps:

  1. Go To your Google Plus Homepage
  2. Near your profile pic click the drop down menu and select "Manage Your Pages"

delete Google Plus page

    3. Click the Delete link next to your page and Job done!

delete page

What's next?

In my next post I will share how to create a Google+ page Badge. Stay tuned! :)

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