How To report Paid Links To Google?

Yesterday, you read about Google PageRank Update Nov 2011. As most of us know by now, that the only way to success in the blogging world, that has a long term effect, is only through continuous posting of original content. But sometimes, as in the case with Copyright issues, people often steal quality content from other blogs and try to enjoy their hard work.

This is what Google has always tried to fight against with. People, often with meager webmaster experience, waste quite a bit of money in buying paid links. What they believe would give them ultimate success, in terms of high page rank followed by massive traffic.

But thats not the case at all in 2011. It is true that back in early 2000 and before, the amount of back links mattered more than the quality. People used to buy packs of thousands of back links that would give them instant high page rank of may be 5-6.

Muhammad recently posted 3 Reasons Why Your PageRank is not Increasing and i totally agree with the core point. The quality factor is the most important one lately in the eyes of search engines, specially Google.

Why not to mention the impact of quality links that brought my blog to page rank 4 in the recent update.

Muhammad has worked hard with MBT to provide top class tutorials to the visitors, right? So Google awarded him with page rank 4. As i guest post here, the page rank juice, flows towards my blog (that is in fact like, as if my blog is referred by MBT, to Google for a higher rank).

So looking forward to that, Google awarded me with page rank 4 too! Isn't that great? So why buy those fake, low quality back links, that are not even relevant to our blog niche. As Matt Cutts mentioned with an example picture, that showed sponsored links that acted as a back link. Assume the links below are for the site about say, Linux (as an example given my Matt Cutts).

example paid links

Matt Says:

There are a few interesting things about these links. If you take off
your webmaster hat and put on a user hat for a minute, you quickly start
asking yourself questions like “Why is a Linux site linking to a bunch
of poker, pills, and gambling sites?” Users often consider links like
this spammy or low-quality. I’m sure some people will happily defend
links like these, but in my experience people who search on Google don’t
want links like these to affect Google’s search results.

So to summarize, striving to get paid links in order to get a higher search engine rank is against Google webmaster guidelines, that says:

Don't participate in link schemes
designed to increase your site's ranking or Page Rank. In particular,
avoid links to web spammers or "bad neighborhoods" on the web, as your
own ranking may be affected adversely by those links.

We all should avoid these fake shortcuts to success, and work hard and manage our time to get to our real goal, that is to create a loving community, that could help each other. What role can we play to improve the search engine quality? Well..Report Paid links to Google now via the form.

report paid links form

Don't mention the directories that we often talk about. The form is to deal with the sites and companies that sell back links in bulk, that is counted as a spam. Google believes that these reports would also help them to improve their future algorithms and would make them resistant to such ill legal activities in future.

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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