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Most of the visitors are interested in building up their own eBooks, that could play wonders for them. Yup wonders. We hardly pay any attention to eBook marketing and how they can take our blog to a much higher level, within days.

So i planned a series of posts for you guys, that would enable you to finally make an eBook of your own. The series would includes:

 1-Introduction To eBook Marketing (you are here)

  • Who should make an eBook? 

  • Why to make an eBook

2-Planing Phase

3-Building Phase 

 4-Developing Phase 

5-Publishing Phase 

  • Creating an online ebook form / Customization

  • Applying the form to the Blogger Blog

  • Building Download system with email subscription / Thanks page  

::Series ended by 5/12/2011::

These are the basic contents of the eBook formation guide, that i aim to share in coming days. You could subscribe for free, to get the latest posts in the series as soon as it hits the blog. As i would proceed with the coming posts, i would link them back here at the contents so it gets easy to navigate.

Who Should Make An eBook?

Well this is important. There is not much that you will get out of this post if you don't really need an eBook. Gaining subscribers through giving out free eBooks doesn't work for every niche blog. Imagine you have a news blog where you posts latest technology that arrives to the market.

How you would write an eBook for news and stuff? So eBook technique mostly works for tutorials and guides that either give out a general overview of something, or provides a compressive guide to targeted audience.

If you got something that you believe could help others online, you have a great chance of sharing it through an eBook of your own.

Why To Make An eBook?

People use eBooks in various ways to grow online. If you have a blog, you would probably know the importance of loyal subscribers that you get. Subscribers act as a backbone of your blog and would never let your blog die.

Notice how every popular blogger, may it be Darren Rowse from or the Copyblogger guy, got those huge amount of email subscribers at their disposal. These people are loyal towards what you do online and are always ready to listen what you got. As they opted in by their will for subscription.

If you follow these popular bloggers, you would know how frequently they arrange give a ways. May it be an exclusive tutorials, an eBook or a video series. Giving out free eBooks is one the best way out their to increase subscriber base. A single, well written, targeted, eBook can bring you massive amount of subscribers.

ebook reading

Once you have thousands of subscriber list, you simply have an extra income stream. Just like people earn money by tweeting products, the same is the case with email marketing. You could mention affiliate links within your emails, that could draw some revenue. Basically it all boils up to the amount of traffic you got. More the traffic, more subscribers that you will get, and so as the followed revenue.

eBooks are extremely easy to share. As being in the popular PDF format, they could be easily passed on to a friend. If you had the true facts in the eBook, you might become the owner of a viral eBook, that draws a different set of traffic altogether.

Imagine if you build up a new blog from zero. If you have a comprehensive subscriber list, you never have to start all over again with the new blog. You could easily advertise you new blog to your loyal subscribers.

So giving out free eBooks and earning subscribers, could construct a solid future for you blogging career. Thats all for pumping you to read the coming posts. Stay tuned :)

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Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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