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blogging conference blogworld expoEver wondered to meet A-list bloggers and podcasters, award winning journalists, Social Media CEOs and world renowned online marketers. BlogWorld & New Media Expo organizes industry-wide media events where all significant media users and content creators are invited to take part in open discussion and share their views and experiences. It is indeed the only place where world's largest corporations learn about the newest online communication technology and tools. BlogworldExpo has offered more than 100 educational sessions with renown speakers like Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan, Tim Street, Paula Berg etc.  I am sure it is the place where we all wish to go and meet our virtual ideals face to face. This event is now organized twice a year in US from 2011 onwards.


What do you learn?

Experienced Industry experts will help you polish your soft skills. Bloggers, Podcasters and journalists can learn tons of tips related to content creation, distribution, monetization and networking. It's the only place to meet thousands of new media creators and newbie bloggers like you. Thus you can learn hell lot of stuff to further enhance your online endeavors.


Event Details for the year 2011

The BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2011 Los Angeles will take place November 3-5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA with the exclusive 3-day executive and business focused Social Media Business Summit conference.

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I wish I was in US so that I could see in reality all that I have seen so far through my desktop monitor.  The deadline for registering is tomorrow so better don't waste this amazing opportunity if you live in USA. Happy BlogworldExpo experience! :)

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