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recover deleted blogger blog

Yesterday i mentioned that Blogger would never suspend your blog without a reason, as only those blogs get penalized that doesn't follow the Blogger's terms of service (TOS). Say if you followed the rules and you feel that your Blogger blog got suspended without a valid reason, than you should consider restoring it back.

The restoration process is simple with a total of 4 steps to be followed. Notice that every steps mentioned below has its own importance and is not just the formality. In case you miss out any of them, Blogger team wont be able to process your application.

The 4 Step Procedure

Step 1: Read!

The first step makes sure that you are aware of the basic knowledge regarding the restoration process. So read about the basic root problem:

  1. Get To The Root Of The Problem - Blame The Spammers

  2. The Attack Of The Clones

  3. Coyotes, Hyenas, And Turkeys

Step 2: Detect your case and process

There can be 3 types of cases with blogs that are penalized. Either:

  • Blog Locked For Suspected TOS Violation ( you have to wait here as you cant process, unless blogger gives out their final verdict against your blog.)

  • Blog Removed For TOS Violation (In this case you have to click the link(s) on your Blogger dashboard that would point you towards help articles that would point you towards the right direction)

  • Blog Locked For TOS Violation (Again login to Blogger dashboard and follow the link)

Step 3: Act and Appeal (Provide Blog URL)

Here you have to submit an appeal against your blog being suspended (or any other mentioned case). Simply enter your blog URL and click submit.

Step 4: Act and Appeal (Write a report)

Now that you have provided your blog's link in step 3, you have to write a polite report to Blogger team mentioning your case. The report can only be written in BHF (Blogger Help Forum) : Something is Broken

Remember brevity and politeness counts.

-What to write in the report?

In your report, state that you have submitted the review and appeal
requests, and when (date) you submitted them.Once you have written the report, you would be given further guidelines to proceed from Blogger help folks.

Do read these to avoid any future problems

read terms of service

  1. Blogger Content Policy

  2. Blogger Terms of Service

  3. Google Privacy Policy

  4. Google Terms of Service 

 Hope you get your blog back as soon as possible. For the ones who are playing safe till now, kindly make sure that you are aware of the policies that we are allowed to work under, to avoid any inconvenience in future.

Good luck!

Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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