Why Affiliate Marketing is better than Google Adsense?

This is a response post by Rafay Baloch to Hassam's post on Why you should never blog on Hacking? 

Affiliate-Marketing Vs Google AdsenseAdSense is a very popular and widely known PPC network. It is how Google makes most of its income. AdSense has proven to be one of the highest paying ad networks, therefore a lot of bloggers and webmasters have been attracted by AdSense over the past few years. However the biggest mistake (in my opinion) most of the bloggers and webmasters commit is when they make AdSense as their main source of revenue, leaving themselves at the mercy of Google.

Last month AdSense banned more than 90% of the Pakistani publishers, due to the massive amount of click frauds by Pakistani Bloggers, Only 10% of the bloggers were doing click fraud and as a result of this the rest of 80% suffered badly. I was also the victim of the ban. It was a huge shock to those who has kept AdSense as their major source of income.

The Reason Why I Survived?

Well the answer is simple, I don't rely on AdSense, AdSense just brought 10% of my income, So I was really not worried if there was no adsense at all, However on the other hand the bloggers whose 90% of income was made through adsense lost every thing.

Affiliate Marketing

This post is not solely about the comparison b/w Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, However this post is more targeted towards the importance of affiliate marketing. So What is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate_marketing Cycle

In simpler words an Affiliate Marketing means Cost per action, You earn an affiliate commission based on the action of the user. For Example: If a user completes a survey, You get a commission (Which b/w is known as Cost per lead, It's a type of affiliate marketing), If a user buys a product, You get a commission (Which is an example of traditional affiliate marketing.


I have been closely analyzing the strategies of famous internet marketers and affiliate marketers such as John chow, ZacJohnson etc,  And most of their money is made by the combination of the two things, EMAIL MARKETING + AFFILIATE MARKETING. Let's take an example of ZacJohnson, He runs a blog zacjohnson, He makes SixFigure income by just Affiliate marketing, As a reason of which he is  widely known as Six Figure Affiliate Blogger.

Six Figure Bloggers Strategy:

Here is the strategy which almost every six figure affiliate bloggers use:

1. Choose A Target Audience.

2. Choose A Targeted Product.

3. Build An Email List with target audience.

4. Start Selling.

My Personal Opinion About Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing:

"Choosing Adsense over affiliate marketing is just like trading dollars for pennies".

My Advice To Newbie Bloggers:

My advice to newbie bloggers is not restrict your self to only one source of income, Instead you create multiples sources of your income, So if one goes down, the other one is there to backup, In my upcoming guest posts, I will talk more about affiliate marketing and direct Ads, Types Of affiliate Marketing, Some Case Studies, Best affiliate marketing networks etc.

If you have any questions feel free to comment.

Rafay Baloch has launched a new blog by the name IncomeFigure where he shares his Earning experiences with newbie bloggers.

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