Why Should You Never Blog On Hacking?

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Hacking seems very fancy. Recently we had a guy giving out a presentation on his hacking company (ethical hacking) that finds out weak points in security systems of many popular firms, nationally. The presentation was quite motivational in terms of 'doing' something creative in our life.

I guess many students found a new hobby of learning hacking and then teaching it online, once the presentation was over. Learning hacking (knowing ins and outs of system securities) and working out for other firms may seem a good idea, but one who plans to make a living out of it online while teaching (via blog), may need to think about it several times.

Why Should You Never Blog On Hacking?

Many people start blogging to make money online. Money can be the key factor in providing the basic motivation to work and building out quality tutorials on regular basis. The same is what we would expect our hacking blog to return us. That is decent amount of money that would justify the hard work and time we put in those articles.

This is where hacking blogs suffer. There are so many great blogs on hacking (tutorials and walk through), that attract decent bunch of traffic, but makes such a less amount of money that finally demotivates the owner.

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There are several examples of people  who have worked hard over the years to bring their blogs to a point where they may stand among the top ethical hacking blogs online. These blogs have indeed the traffic that one would admire, a great community that a blogger could wish of, but the only down side is in terms of revenue generation.

Sadly, many of such blogs are banned by Adsense due to the niche it was laid in, plus other popular advertisement ventures like BuySellAds didn't supported them too. This is only due to the hacking background of these blogs. That extremely demotivates the author (owner) who have worked for years and gained a loyal readership.

Hacking Blogs Are Banned By Google Adsense?

This is the question that would first strike our minds. That is Basically Why? Google Adsense help mentions that they don't accept hacking and cracking content for the program, still it makes one wonder, as to if ethical hacking comes into the same category?

It says:

Placement of Google ads is not permitted on websites that promote any
form of hacking or cracking. Hacking and cracking content is content
that provides users with instructions or equipment that tampers with or
provides illegal access to software, servers, or websites.

Over the years, Hacking blogs have taught people to secure their systems in a better way possible. Its not just about ethical hacking. Like on mybloggertricks, its not just about Blogger. Its basically what a beginners should know about blogging and getting success online in general.

google adsense banned

So i believe its a bit more harsh to deprive a quality blog with one of the major income streams that a blogger could plan of. The same is the case with BuySellAds, a popular direct advertisement platform. They don't accept blogs that post hacking stuff. Its sad.

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Key Note

Never waste time blogging hacking articles if you wish to make money online. You would fail. Though you could make few bucks with Infolinks or kontera (in text advertisement platforms), but thats just not equivalent to the hard work you would pour in.

Though this might demotivate many of the bloggers out there that fall into the same category, but its the fact that we ultimately have to face. So why not to take action now and build our future with other niche of our interest.


Guest Post by Hassam Ahmad Awan. MBT's Gold Star Guest Author.

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