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Google Plus Followers' Widget

One of the best perks of using Google is, it has products that seamlessly integrate with each other to provide an easy and comprehensive interface to users. For example, Google Drive can be used to attach files with emails quickly. You can +1 posts outside Google+, and share search results on Google Plus. You can even auto-publish your Blogger blog feed to your G+ profile. And that is by no means the end of it. In fact, Google just announced a brand new feature, the Google Plus Followers gadget for blogger blogs! This new Google Plus followers' gadget for blogspot blogs will provide another layer of integration between your Google Plus profile and your Blogger/Blogspot blog.

The Google Plus followers' gadget

Connecting your Google Plus profile with your blog is a great way to enhance your readership by increasing your followers and engaging better with your audience. You can auto-publish your blog posts on your Google Plus stream so as to deliver your content right where your readers want it delivered. Those readers can then recommend your content directly, which can lead to more exposure. This new Google Plus followers widget is another step towards enhancing your readership and boosting your authority.

This widget will tell the world how many people are following you, and will also show them some friendly faces (different for each person). It also has a follow button by default, which lets users follow your Google Plus profile page with a single click. This will help in getting your content across multiple streams, and to reach more readers on a more personal level through your blog.

Adding this widget to your Blogger blog is really simple. But for it to work, you first have to connect your blogger profile with your Google Plus account. We have detailed the process in a previous post, so make sure you read it first.

Once done, visit the Layout tab on your blogger dashboard, and select "Add a Gadget". You will then be able to see and add this widget easily to your blog.

A note from Google: For those who are using Google Friend Connect followers' widget, they can keep using it, even though Google retired most of Friend Connect services earlier this year. For the time being, it will keep running on Blogger.

Have questions in mind? Feel free to ask us. You can also refer to Google's Help Center for more information on this update. Happy blogging :)

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