The Terrible Exams are Finally Over!

Exams are over!It feels like someone has dragged me out of a big mountain. I feel like I am literally breathing again! I called it terrible because they really were terrible! :p I am pursuing B.E in Computer and Information System Engineering and just attended exams of 6th semester, 2 more semesters to go after which (Graduation) I would have enough time to groom STC Network. As a student its tough to look after an online business which demands both time and care. Working online today with an increasing competition and rapidly changing moods of online traffic, you can not let your blogs run on auto-pilot mode even if it is managed by your employees. Exams for me mean a complete 40 days ban on all online activities. No clients, no engagement with readers (through blog, fan pages, phone calls or email), no product promotion, no posting, no technical learning, no innovation and no implementation of developed skills. It does not only effect the revenue but also skill productivity.

I am extremely thankful to our co-author Qasim who managed both the blogs on my behalf because both Nida and I were having exams so could not work effectively. I would also thank all our readers who maintained visiting the blog and kept motivating the authors. Since I am free now, I will be sharing what I have planned for this winter and would also suggest some tasks to those of you who are also on their academic vocations.

Do Exams cause Business loss?

Of course they do too badly!

This month, one of the biggest opportunity that I lost was utilizing the benefits of the Black Friday Discount Tsunami everywhere starting from web hosting companies, eBook marketing, social media services, merchandise and what not.  Sales this year were as much as 50%, which is the best concession one could get in order to buy a new webhosting and share some great benefits of the sales with friends and readers. This one day of Discount Tsunami was an excellent period for web Marketers to invest and multiply the coins. I wish all the best for those who acted quickly on it and made good use of the sales both for themselves and their following.

Another great loss were the product reviews, web services and SEO consultancy. Providing SEO advises and technical help via Skype is something that I frequently do and we started this service 7 months ago as a separate package and it feels great to help most of our readers this way.  Due to tough Exam schedule I had to abandon it temporarily for 40 days but fortunately I am back on duty now.

In short a business gets effected in every aspect during exams unless you have prepared for it with careful planning. To understand how to manage a blog during exams do check the following post which has some great tips and recipes:

For a complete list of the services we offer please visit: MBT Services

What are the plans?

Since I am free for a month with no studies, I will be working on some new scripts and would try to improve my skills of PHP and Jquery development. I will be sharing more plugins and widgets to help you customize your blogs as much as possible. My main focus would be readers this time with no intention of taking new projects. I will try to receive as much queries as possible and help you with your problems the best I can. I will make sure to design some new templates, icons and buttons and avail them on free download. We hope to have great time working together as usual inshAllah.

How can you Turn your Vocations into Income?

For those of you who wish to start an online career. I think vocations are a great advantage in turning this wish into a golden future. You may utilize this time by learning and implementing. The more creative you become, the richer you become as a recourse to the online community. Internet is an open and generous space for all those who wish to contribute by working hard. The only requirement for a lucrative income online is quality skills. The better you work on your skills the better you contribute and higher you get paid.

For starters and even those who are following us for long we would suggest the followings:

1#  Learn every bit of SEO

Understand how search engines index and crawl web pages. Without traffic no business online can survive and neither do bloggers like us may breath. It's the key to Making Money Online without any doubts!

I personally follow the web sources below to keep myself updated about Search Algorithms, Search Engines tips and updates:

  1. Google Webmaster Blog -
  2. Videos by Google - From the famous web spam head : The Funny Matt Cutts
  3. Google Help Forum
  4. SearchEngineLand - For News and updates
  5. SEOMOZ 
  6. You don't need to look anywhere else other than the ones mentioned above! :)

Don't forget to read:

2#  Build web designing skills

It has now become a must for every website owner to have some basic skills of photo editing, HTML and CSS. Things look good and attract customers only when they are presented well.  Online traffic today doesn't only look for quality content but also for a well presented content. You must know how to customize your webpages and make them appealing so that the first visitors to your page may turn out into a Fan or customer.

There are few resources that I would like to recommend:

  1. You Must Read: SIX FIGURE EARNING
  2. - the best website to learn CSS & HTML or almost any script or language

3#  Keep Reading

Understand how websites generate traffic - Get familiar with all sources like Search engines, Social Media Networks, Article Directories, Forums, Blogs etc.

Also read how you can work from home by joining freelancing sites. You may read about all such stuff on our blogs both at MBT and SEM

I want to hear about you all!

Follow these three things sincerely buddies just during this month and trust me you will find tons of opportunities next year waiting for you. Do not worry about earning, earning will follow you itself once you develop your skills. Earning looks good with a Geek but never with a Noob, so realize this thing buddies and always value learning over your natural lust for bucks. I just hope I have not left out anything and have shared all that I know to the best of my ability. It feels great when I see MBT readers running their own blogs successfully and acting as a rich resource to everyone. This makes me feel really happy because that is what I always aimed for. I want everyone of you to go far ahead of anyone you may know in your niche and let me feel proud always. My job is guiding you as a friend and brother how to swim but you will have to dive yourself.

So tell me what were you all up to and what exciting news would you like to share. Update me with your blog rankings, readership and learning goals.I wish you all the best in life and a great future ahead. Peace and blessings pals! :)

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