Looks like I am No More Single! :)

mohammad finally engagedI was 18 years of age when I stepped into online business and then the kind community here never let me look back for a second. I am not sure how many memories have we cherished together, to make this happy journey more favorable, lets add a new memory to our diary. Its 10th of January, YEAR 2013, and I am pleased to make it official that "I am happily tied now! ;)" Looks like the promise I made during the presentation at PACC got fulfilled today evening.  A big party awaits you all and I am  thankful to God Almighty that I could share yet another precious occasion of my life with you all. Love you buddies always and forever! Thanks for turning this normal kid into a normal Man. :)

Thank you a million times for the sincere prayers, love, respect and dozens of ConGoZzz left on our social media fan pages. All your emails, telephone calls, Texts and continuous flow of lovely comments made this day even more splendid! I will get back to you all as soon as I am done with family formalities.

Kindly don't ask me for the bride's name or pictures, just know that she outstands me in every manner! :p

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