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We warmly welcome you to our 24/7 Template Editing Free Help and support forum. Here you can find solutions to all your website design problems. You are also welcome to help each other by posting replies only if you are sure with your suggested solution.

You are inside kitchen#2. If you are new here please first read:

What type of questions you may ask?
You are most welcomed to ask Chef LoOny as many questions as you can related to the following categories or similar:

  1. Blogger Widgets installation

  2. Design compatibility issues

  3. Plugins and Gadgets bugs

  4. Social Media Plugin integration

  5. Post editor

  6. Template Editor

  7. Coding Blogger templates

  8. Bugs inside your blog layouts

  9. All things CSS3, HTML4, JQuery!

How long to wait for a reply?

If you have carefully followed our comment structure rules and comment policy, expect a reply in no more than 24-48 hours.

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Comment Structure:
Your comment must include the following information in order to receive a quick response.:

  1. Mention your full name

  2. Mention your blog URL as text and not as hyperlink

  3. Describe your problem in a precise way

Comment Policy:
Following comments will be deleted no matter how important the query be:

  1. Do not promote your widgets or templates

  2. Off Topic Questions - questions not related to this kitchen section

  3. Blog Promotion - you may not advertise your blogs or forums

  4. Signature Links - keep your hyperlinks out of the forum!

Lets go cooking some templates with Chef LoOny! :) 

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