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Google AdSense empowers you with a host of options and features with which you can keep your ad-marketing campaign going smoothly. You have an Ad Review Center, where you get various controls that help with the management of ads on your site. Among other features (see a list of latest AdSense features here), you get the luxury of finding and reviewing quickly and efficiently, hence saving you a lot of time. But that's something we all already knew about. However, Google has very recently introduced a new feature in their Ad Review Center. Previously where you could only review ads themselves, now you can also review the landing pages they lead to.

How would this help?

Some of you might be saying 'meh, big deal' at this point. But if you've guessed the implications, then I'd like to congratulate you on your wit :D. Anyhow, this feature will help publishers align their website (content and ads) towards the users (we all know how big an issue user-friendliness is with Google).

Previously, you could only review ads, and see if they weren't irrelevant, or not suited for your audience. Now, you can also review the landing pages they lead to. This way, you can gauge your users' reaction ahead of time, and make adequate adjustments. For example, if you see a landing page that you think your users won't like, you can opt out of that ad.

Examples of landing pages where users might not comfortable can be irrelevant pages, cramped and spammy landing pages with a lot of ads or calls to action, inconvenient pop-ups, difficult navigation, and so on. As a general rule of thumb, if you don't like the page after clicking on the ad, then your users won't like it either.

How to get this feature?

Log into your AdSense account, and click on the Allow and Block Ads tab. Here, you can review individual ads. Hover over any ad, and you will see a magnifying glass appear on its bottom-right corner. Click on this to see the ad and the landing page it leads to. Easy as pie :)

Do note that this feature is currently available only to those accounts which have their language preference set to English. Google, however, is trying to add more language support. In the meantime, please feel free to ask questions in our comments section if you have any confusion. Stay tuned for more updates :)

P.S. Please try to keep your comments and questions as relevant as possible. This ensures easier and faster replies to your individual queries. Thank you for your cooperation :)

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