Why Should you Optimize your Site for Mobile Devices?

Mobile devices

The trend of using mobile devices to search for content online is steadily on the rise, and gaining momentum. And tablets really seem to be advancing the cause, since more and more people are buying and using them. So how are these evolving trends changing things, and how does it effect you as a website owner? The focus is now centering more towards responsiveness and adaptability, which means that more content needs to made and optimized for mobile devices.

What the numbers say?

In the last quarter of the year 2012, almost as much as 11% of the internet users were using mobile devices, more than 6% of which came from smartphones whereas less than 5% came from tablet devices. And although tablet devices nowadays have a computational power comparable to desktop devices (well, so do smartphones, but screen size matters a lot here), users still want the content optimized and rendered specifically for tablet devices. Hence, in a way, smartphones and tablets can be treated in a similar way.

But what about now? According to a study, from the first quarter of 2012 to now, mobile internet usage has gone up by a staggering 26%, whereas tablet usage has grown by 19%, both very impressive figures in themselves.

Desktop figures, however have taken a beating, with a decline of 6%. This, considering the size of desktop users, is a large decrease. but then again, who has the time to start up a computer everytime they need to Google something, right?

What should you do?

These stats indicate that it is probably time to give more thought into optimizing your website, and aligning it more towards mobile devices. Here are a couple posts we have written that should help you out.

So, have you got any questions? Feel free to ask any in the comments below. And leave your feedback to let us know how we're doing. Cheers :)

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