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Forum is a platform where visitors can interact with each other and discuss different hot topics. There you can add desired topics for getting comments and diverse suggestions on them. If you have a good traffic, then you can place questions on daily basis for the potential visitors to answer, thus your forum simultaneously converts itself into a huge frequently asked quesions section "FAQ". Forums will provide your visitors an open social atmosphere to express their useful ideas and share other's ideas.

In this brief tutorial, I have explained simple steps to add a forum to your Blogger or blogspot blog. So let's get started!

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How to Create a Forum With Nabble

To implement a forum we will use Nabble, in my opinion, one of the best free options. We go to Nabble page and there, we will create an account (keep in mind that this account will be the moderator of the forum).
And once we have everything set (it also has a wide variety of customizing options), go to Options -> Application -> Change appearance:

nabble change appearance

There, we can also edit the CSS of the forum and other things...

Now we have to give the structure of a real forum, i.e. organizing it by categories. To do this click on the Options menu, select Application, then click Change application type:

nabble option change application type

Then choose the Forum category and save your changes.

To finish, we only have to create categories and for this go back to Options, this time select Structure and then choose Create a new sub-forum:
nabble create new sub-forum

Fill in the details of the category and that's it, you will have your forum running.

The rest are small details, like sort categories (Options > Structure > Manage sub-forums), customize your avatar and your signature (YourNickname > Account Settings), change permissions (Options > Users > Permissions), etc.

Now for integrating the newly created forum to your blog, you must go to Options - Embedding options and copy the javascript code.
nabble forum embedding options

Embed the forum in a Blogger page

Login to your Blogger Dashboard, select your blog, click the Pages link on the left sidebar and create a new Blank Page

Once there, get in the HTML mode.

Paste inside the empty box the code that we copied earlier, and if everything went well, we should see our brand new forum for our blog!

create a forum for blogger with nabble

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you and you will begin using this great service.

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