Seabird Responsive Blogger Template

Seabird Responsive Blogger Template is a simple and multi purpose blogger template which is precisely designed for blogging and tech niche blogs designed with elegant colour scheme. Sea bird is a highly seo friendly template. Sea bird gives good experience to your blog readers with good page speed , responsive and flexible design. It also comes with in build useful widgets that are ready to go with the template. Following are the key features of the sea bird responsive blogger template.
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Free Template Will Contain Non Removable Credits and it will contain limited features.
  • Name:Seabird
  • Compatibility: Browser-compatibility
  • Version:1.0
  • Utility: Theme Files, PSD & Docs
  • Release: 08/01/2014
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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Features of Seabird Blogger Template:

  • 100% Pure Responsive: Sea Bird is a responsive blogger template that will automatically fit in all the browser resolutions like iPad, android, iPhone.(You can try resizing your page and can see the magic of its responsiveness).
  • Search Engine Optimized: Sea Bird is an blogger template with high Seo score. We have added professional Seo plugins in this template that will help you to rank high in the search engine and will help you to get more traffic.
  • Customized Commenting System: Like all our other templates this template also contains customized commenting system which will make your blog look unique and professional.
  • More Features: It has many more awesome features like drop down me ,featured slider in the sidebar and good space to showcase your ads.

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