How to Facebook private message the person who has blocked you

Did you know that its really possible to send the message to the person who has blocked you on Facebook.To your surprise,YES IT IS.

With the increased popularity of facebook email id about which I discussed in my previous article,Facebook has made this really possible.Either Call it one of the flaws of facebook or the relaxation given to the people who have just got blocked by someone but still want to maintain the conversation with him/her.

Facebook never closes any option completely.It always lefts an undisclosed alternative for everything.You just have to find that alternative.Today I am bringing one such brilliant alternative to you.

How to Send the Message:
For sending the message,all you got to know is the "facebook username" of the person who has blocked you.Obviously,if the person has blocked you,you won't be able to visit his/her profile.But finding the facebook username is really a cakewalk.You can make a new account to find the username or better you can simply ask any of your friend just to tell you the person's facebook username.

Once you know the username,you automatically gets to know the person's facebook email-id.To know how Username is related to Facebook email-id,you can read out my article .Now,you must know that facebook has come up with one new feature,"Emailing blended up with facebook messages." This feature allows you to use your personal email id to send the messages to the people on facebook.

Sending the message using email is as simple as sending a normal mail to anybody.In the "To" section,you have to add the person's facebook email id whom you want to send the message to but has blocked you and in the "body" section,you have to write your message.As usual,the subject part is optional.

After you send the email,the message will arrive in the person's facebook message box in the folder named "Other" and he/she will be able to read out your message like other normal messages he/she receives.

(Note: That person won't be able to reply to your messages but will see an immediate option to unblock you and continue the conversation with you.So doing this,you can really increase your chances of getting back in touch with the person whom you have lost the contact with or atleast you can convey your message to the person who doesn't even want to talk to you anymore.)

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