Make Money Online: Top Paying File Sharing Websites

Nowadays most of the File Hosting sites allow users to download large files without charge, but there is also a huge incentive for uploaders to provide the files. File Hosting sites pay you money per file that’s downloaded from you! There are a few file sharing sites that do actually pay you for your documents and files. You can actually get paid to upload documents, music, ebooks, photos, wallpapers, videos and other files. If you simply upload your files, people will download your files and they pay you for sharing your files to other peoples.
Here is a list of some best paying file hosting sites :


Docstoc is considered to be the best file hosting and sharing website on internet allowing users to upload document types of doc, xls, ppt, pdf, rtf, txt, docx, xlsx and ppts format. You can sell your documents on the Docstoc marketplace and generate revenue on AdSense ads. Docstoc is an AdSense publisher program so any user can make money by maintaining an existing AdSense account or creating a new AdSense account with but Docstoc will charge 50% of revenue from your generated income.


make-money-techews is yet another “popular” file uploading and sharing site. You can earn $2 to $15 of money per 1000 downloads based on file size and country. It also provides 20% referral commission. Its minimum pay-out is $15 and paid through PayPal, Web money etc.2


make-money-techews is one of the highly trusted file uploading, sharing and revenue growing sites. They allow you to upload any type of file like exe, mp3, mpeg, avi, rar, zip, jpeg, application, games, documents etc. You will get $5.00 by just signing up there. The site pays you $25 per 1000 downloads. The minimum pay-out is $10.



Another highest paying site is from which you can earn $0.40 to $0.80 per download. They provide 10% referral commission and can request payout from PayPal, western union, Alertpay etc.


make-money-techews is also a popular file hosting site which helps you monetize your files and generate revenue on the basis ofPay per Downloadmethod. You can upload files using your smartphone and grow revenue wherever you are. pays you generally $1-$100 depending upon the file’s popularity and size. You can also join their reseller program to achieve 20% to 30% income on sales.


make-money-techews is yet another leading file sharing sites we would like to include in this list. You can get up to $7 per 1000 downloads and its minimum payment amount is $10. It offers payment via PayPal, Webmoney etc. You can also get 20% referral commission. Copied and distributed files from different IPs will pay you 90% of revenue but for your uploads you will receive 10% of revenue from each copied file.


FileFactory comes with a giant storage to upload files in different formats. You will get a storage space of around 500GB+unlimited file bandwidth. You will get direct downloading link, organize files & folders, and widely distribute the download links on social media, blogs, forums to generate revenue. It pays you around $15 per 1000 downloads and 20% of its membership sales by your referral links. 

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