Use Facebook On Slow Internet Easily!

Facebook is a great site and most of us are on it. Whither you are of 8  years or of 80 years,everyone one is on Facebook. Well Facebook doesn't allow children below 13 years of age to join it  but all use fake birth dates just to check what it is and soon, without knowing, they get addicted to this cool and amazing site.! Web Facebook is quite loady these days and people with slow net are not able to use it,well i may say that Facebook is very light site because a site with so many feature must be heavier that it.But still People with slow net are many  facing problems while using it.Sometimes MSG is shown send but it isn't sent, sometime you comment something and Facebook shows you  error and many such problem are arsing Now-Days days.
Facebook has many versions.These are Web Version , Basic Mobile Version And Android Facebook Version.( These Versions Are named by  me only :p And Facebook has never discussed about these ever )
Now Coming back to my main point "Use Facebook On Slow Internet Easily "
To use Facebook easily on slow net you can open the mobile versions of Facebook that are
  • Android Mobile Version 
  • Basic Mobile Version 
Note before few months i was having problem with mobile versions of Facebook. That problem was , while using Facebook we were not shown online and  friends were not able to find us online and MSG me.BUT now wile using any version of mobile Facebook you are shown online and you may not face and problem !! :)
Now Let's discuss about these Mobile  versions

Android Version 

Android version of Facebook show Facebook on PC Like it is on android phone and use less data and is quite fast.Using Facebook in Android version is quite easy and relax able as you are provided with a sidebar ,by which you can find your favorites , groups , pages easily !
To Open Android Version Of Facebook head Over To

Basic Mobile Version 

This Version Of Facebook Is the lightest version.! This  version is found in Symbian phones.Using Facebook on this version is sightly  non-relax able as you have to go to separate page of your groups , pages to find your groups , pages etc . I found this version of Facebook when my computer was attacked by virus and i took my old computer and started it , that computer was having windows XP With Internet explorer 6 .I opened Facebook and it was not opening fully and internet explorer was saying to update itself.I incident opened mobile version ( of Facebook on Internet explorer 6 and it redirect me to basic Facebook Version .
To  use basic mobile  Facebookhead over to :-

Final Words

After Writing this post i feel that this may have helped thousands of Facebook users and if you will search over Google about these versions of Facebook , you will never find about them beacuse these versions are named by me and if you have better name for them you can post comment and suggest me .! Rest this post is the only post on all over the internet about using  Facebook On Slow Internet and i am not sure that now , in the mean time , some one has copied it !:p
and At last i want to give thanks to my gentle readers for reading this and if you face and confusion in this post you can clear it by posting comment below :) and  I shall try to reply as soon as possible.

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