A simple trick provided by gmail to know whether your gmail hacked or not

Hi friends, today i am going to give small information about Gmail. I do not know whether you know this or not. But it’s my service to provide you the hacking and security details. Have you ever see the bottom of the gmail page? Hey wait, after reading this article go and visit. Now go ahead. You can see in the bottom of gmail like this:

It will show the last activity.  So you can come to know from which ip you login last time.  If you click the Details link.  It will show the detailed of session.  It will show List of Ip address you login.  Using this Detail you can come to know whether any other using your gmail ID or not.

If you suppose that find any other using your gmail or you are login any other system, Click the ” Sign out all other Session”.  This will sign out all other session from other computers.  Then change your password if you want.

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