How To Hack Facebook Using Fire Sheep

What is Session Hijacking?

Session Hijacking is basically a packet sniffer to capture unencrypted cookies from various websites. Computers connected in  LAN (Local area network ) or in public WiFi could became targeted by session hijacking vulnerabilities. In Universities, Airports, Hotels and other Public WiFi places it is easy to access.

Hack Facebook Using Fire Sheep

Tools Needed :

  •     Public wifi access
  •     Firefox Browser
  •     winpcap
  •     Firefox plugin Fire sheep
Step 1:
  •     Download & install Mozilla browser and add-one Fire sheep

Step 2:

  •     Run Firefox.
  •     Menu Bar go to View >> SideBar >> Fire sheep
  •     ( Ctrl + shift +s ) Shortcut can also be used to open Fire sheep.

 Step 3:

    Fire sheep is now running in Sidebar.

Step 4:
  •     Now Click >> Start Capture Button and keep calm.

Step 5:

  •     Various sessions can be seen on Sidebar.
  •     Select the authenticated Session you want to gain access.

Step 6:
  •     You can automatically logged in the victims account.
  •     This Tool can be easily used to get Facebook/twitter account.

Step 7:
  •     This Hack will only work in LAN or WiFi networks.
Hope you enjoyed this article but remember this is only for educational purpose

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