How to Hide Files In Image 2015

Method to Hide Files In JPG or Any Image 2015 :-

Before we move further with the steps.There are something that we need inorder to perform this (How to Hide Files In JPG) trick. We will need WinRar Installed on your PC. So if you already have WinRar archiver in your pc, which most of us do have, you can proceed with below steps:

 1.Create a folder with files that you would like to Hide in an Image file, Lets say the folder name is “Files” and copy all files that you want to hide in a image. Now Right Click on the folder and select add to archive. Select RAR as Archive format and Click OK. Or (select Sent to > compressed (zipped) folder and if you make a zip file, then procees all steps same but replace the keyword .RAR to .ZIP).

2.You will now see a rar file with name files, Now say you have an image with name “image.jpg” in which we will hide these files. Copy both Files.rar and image.jpg and paste them in C or D Drive.

3.Next Open CMD, Search for CMD and open it. If you files are in “D” drive then Type D: and press Enter. Now Type in this Code as it is copy /b image.jpg + files.rar new.jpg and press Enter

4.If you have done everything right till now, then you will see something Similar like below Picture. I had the file in E: so i initially typed E: to change the location to E drive.

5.Now Navigate to the location where you saved the file and you will see one for file added with name New.jpg.

Ok So now we have a new file but what next ? If you notice you will se the size of the new file has increased and if you open the new.jpg file it will show you just the picture, So you will as where the other files gone which we tried to hide inside this image ?

How to Access the files :-
  1. We know that the file is in jpg format so we will first Open WinRar archiver, Click on File and Select Open archive.
  2.  Now Navigate to the Path where you have saved new.jpg file which will be Drive “D“ 
  3. Now make sure to select All Files from the drop down, so that it displays the new.jpg file too.
  4. Select it and Click on Open, There you will see a folder with name files, Open it and there are your Hidden files.
Enjoy !! and Don’t forget to share :)

How to Hide Files In Image 2015 – This Technique of How to Hide Files In JPG or an image is known as Steganography. If you have any problem with this Technique to Hide files inside an image then feel free to Comment below.

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