How to Reduce MS windows booting time

Hello friends you can decrease the windows booting time by using following tips:


1. Click at the Start icon
2. Then click run
3. type msconfig, which will open a new window.
4. select startup then check the programms which u wish to run at start up. Un check rest of them which u do not want to run at start up. After that restart your windows.


open the folder c:windowstemp and then delete everything in it...... select all and delete

Third  ( it will also increase your internet speed)

open documents and settings folder
then choose your login folder
then unhide everything from folder options
then you will find a folder local settings
then open the temp folder
then delete everything in it......... select all and delete
then come back to local settings folder
then open temp internet files folder
then delete everything in it..... select all and delete

At last re boot your machine...

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