How To Unlock The Password of Locked Memory Card

Sometime we protect our memory card by password. Whenever we lock memory card we also try to protect it with different password Something unique and different from others thinking and Often you forget that if you are that person then you are at right place. But Today i am going to sharing  a trick by which you can unlock any protected memory card. This trick is  very useful if you have forgotten your memory card passwords. This trick is very simple you just have to Download a application and use it to explore to place of password.

Unlock The Password of Locked Memory Card :

    1. First of all, you need to download this Fexplorer application from here
    2. Insert Card Into Your Phone But Don’t Access It Through Phone
    3. Run FExplorer and you have to open, the path C:System.
    4. You will find a file called Mmcstore , rename the file Mmcstore.txt.
    5. Copy that file (Mmcstore.txt) into your pc and open with  file in notepad.
    6. You will find your password in that file.

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