Mini-T Responsive Blogger Template

Mini-T Responsive Blogger Template is a stylish news free blogger template. This template is equipped with a free license for a paid "Revolution slider" which is even not available on Blogger yet! We've used this responsive slider to boost the productivity of your site. Elegant in design and 100% cross browser compatible and responsive design provides a solid boost to your blog's look and feel.
-: Note :-
Free Template Will Contain Non Removable Credits and it will contain limited features.
  • Name:Mini-T
  • Compatibility: Browser-compatibility
  • Version:1.0
  • Utility: Theme Files, PSD & Docs
  • Release: 22/03/2015
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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Features of Mini-T Blogger Template:

  • 100% Pure Responsive: Mini-T is undoubtedly 100% pure responsive blogger template which adapts itself to any device, let it be iPad, iPhone, iMac, Windows Phone, Android or even large screen televisions!
  • Search Engine Optimized: Mini-T is a perfect template and optimized for SEO ranking you high in Google Search Results and other search engines.
  • Premium Slider: Mini-T Blogger template comes with a paid slider for free with which you can show content of your site from a particular category/theme for your content.
  • More Features: 100% socialized, stylish menu, menu changes to dropdown on mobile, classic look, cross browser compatible, cross device compatible.

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