New WhatsApp Spy Tool exposes worst ever bug in WhatsApp

WhatsApp as is well known, is the most widely used Messaging Application used worldwide and they have a tremendous team for fixing various bugs in order to ensure the Privacy of it’s users. But it seem that WhatsApp team is ignoring some of the major security flaws in WhatsApp App for Android. WhatsApp at current, have many major Flaws like Spamming on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Crashing, WhatsApp Hacking and so on.

Earlier it was reported that a serious security Bug in WhatsApp allows strangers to view the photos of users of WhatsApp and could even recover the deleted ones.TrickedPC even gave a Guide of Hacking WhatsApp Easily.The bug was discovered by a 17-year old kid and was acknowledged by WhatsApp team itself. But, Facebook acquired WhatsApp seems to learn it the hard way and the new bug in WhatsApp allows Strangers to track your entire activities on WhatsApp by exploiting the built-in flaw of mobile messaging Service.

This Spy bug was discovered by a Dutch Developer and he even developed a Tool for Spying WhatsApp activities. This tool is named as WhatsSpy Public which allows strangers to keep a check on your activities of WhatsApp. According to the Dutch developer, the tool for Spying WhatsApp was made just to expose what he believes as a serious security bug in WhatsApp Privacy Option.

How Can We Spy On WhatsApp ??

WhatsApp Spy Tool exposes worst ever bug in WhatsApp.WhatsSpy Public, a WhatsApp Spying App allows you to track various private information of any WhatsApp User. WhatsSpy Public tool allows you to track user’s status updates,their profile pictures and even their Profile Pictures.

Maikel Zweerink,the developer who developed WhatsApp Spy Tool say,”You may think now you’ve set all options to “nobody” you are safe, privacy-wise, but nevertheless I can still track your moves on WhatsApp”.He further added that,”The ability for a complete stranger to follow your in-app status is pretty creepy and might be abused already. This is not a ‘hack’ or an ‘exploit’ but it’s broken by design.”

What is at Stake For WhatsApp ??

Well, of course more than 700 million WhatsApp monthly users privacy are at stake – most of them being the children which uses WhatsApp. Thankfully, the WhatsApp Spying WhatsSpy Public will not show any of the message that you send. WhatsSpy Public tool was first tested hands-on by the developer himself on his own brother.”I called him and told him and he was completely shocked, since all his privacy options were set to ‘nobody’,”said Zweerink, a Dutch Developer.

Where to get WhatsApp Spying tool ??

Zweerink may be saying that he made the WhatsApp Spying tools just in order to make WhatsApp aware about their ‘Broken Privacy Settings’ but he has put the Software Online for Public use(Of course, setting it up will require some technical Know-How, not a cakewalk). When we tested WhatsApp Spying Tool, WhatsSpy Public, we found it pretty much working. In the interface, it can track and show you a Timeline of Users Online Status and in other, it shows Their Profile Pictures.

What to WhatsApp Has to Say About It ??

WhatsApp is still tight-lipped regarding any broken Privacy Bug Issue , but one thing is crystal clear, WhatsApp is becoming Buggy day-by-day and Facebook owned WhatsApp need to look for their users privacy.

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