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Canvas Responsive Blogger Template is a simple free blogger template which is highly customizable and fully responsive and mobile optimized according to the latest Google mobile optimization alogiritham. You can easily modify the template design,layout and all. This template is going to be useful for all the niche and event niche bloggers because it is highly customizable and fully seo friednly. Canvas blogger template is also fast loading blogger template which will help you increase your users's experience. Below are the Features of Canvas Responsive Blogger Template.
-: Note :-
Free Template Will Contain Non Removable Credits and it will contain limited features.
  • Name:Canvas
  • Compatibility: Browser-compatibility
  • Version:1.0
  • Utility: Theme Files, PSD & Docs
  • Release: 07/04/2015
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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Features of Canvas Blogger Template:

  • 100% Pure Responsive: Canvas will scale to fit on all browser widths/resolutions and on all mobile devices. Go ahead and scale your browser window and see the results.
  • Search Engine Optimized: Canvas is fully seo optimized blogger template with a good site structure which will help you to rank your site easily.
  • Simple Design: Canvas Features a clean & simple layout for your website. Canvas is fast loading optimized template.
  • More Features: Ads ready, Stylish Menu, Social Icons, Social share Buttons, Threaded commenting system.

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