7 methods to Bypass Online Surveys for free 2016

Online surveys can be great headache because most of the interesting files related to hacking cracking or any full version software is mostly locked in surveys which most of guys are not able to do so. So guys, We Dreamy Tricks is sharing 10 methods to bypass online surveys for free,without any problem. The basic purpose behind locking survey behind is earning money.

bypass online survey

So, guys be ready because today we are sharing best of ten methods to bypass online surveys even for free. The problem behind survey is that when you complete survey it asks for login information or your mobile phone number or your E-Mail id, after which they will spam your mail box, that’s the basic reason for which everyone searches over net on how to bypass online surveys, How to bypass surveys to download or even bypass internet surveys. We are sharing latest method to get rid of online surveys. Use these working methods to avoid online surveys.
Popular survey sites :

  •     Fileice
  •     Cleanfiles
  •     Sharecash.org
  •     Uploadables.com
  •     Dollar upload
These are popular sites which require survey and even there are a lot, but these are most popular online survey.
Below, We are sharing some of best sites to bypass online survey.
Methods to bypass Online surveys:

    Using surveymasher.com to bypass survey :

This is one of the best site to bypass online survey, and using this site, you can easily bypass online survey of some sites like cleanfiles and other sites like dollar upload or other similar online survey sites. If this site doesn’t work, than there are other methods available for you to bypass online survey.You can use this site to get around online surveys.


Using surveybypass.com to bypass online surveys :

This site is most trusted site, when we talk about working method to bypass online survey without any problem or in other words, you can easily bypass survey with ease instantly. This site guarantees to unlock most of sites on which surveys are available or files are locked.This site bypass internet surveys.

 Using Surveycash Killer :

This is not any online site to bypass survey, its a software which can easily bypass Surveycash survey without any problem. This software is working perfectly to kill surveycash survey instantly. Surveys will be removed instantly in seconds.It will skip internet survey.

Download : Surveycash Killer

Using survey remover tool :

This is another tool to bypass most of the online survey within seconds without any kind of problem. So, just download this software and paste the link of the software of which you want to bypass. It will generate direct link within seconds.

Bypass online survey using browser extension :

Some extensions are also available which can simply unlock files by disabling pop-ups of survey. This extension can bypass most of online survey with ease. You must try out these extensions.

Extension for Google Chrome:

Google Chrome users can bypass survey using this extension easily. Download extension from here.

Extension for Firefox users :

Firefox users can bypass survey using this extension popularly known as Redirect By-passer.
You can download this extension from here

Bypass surveys by disabling javascript :

Yes! Surveys can be unlocked easily by disabling javascript of your browser. You can easily disable javascript by going into your browser setting.

How to disable JavaScript in Firefox :

  •     Open your Firefox browser, Click on Options.
  •     Select Content tab.
  •     There you will find a option of JavaScript.
  •     Just click on tick to disable it.
How to disable JavaScript in Chrome :
  •     In google chrome, Click on wrench icon at Top.
  •     Click on settings option.
  •     Click on Show advanced settings.
  •     Click on Content settings.
  •     Click on Do not allow any site to use javascript.
disable javascript in chrome

 Using All in One survey bypasser :

You can use this free tool to unlock most of surveys with ease, without any problem. This tool is most probably works on all kind of sites, whether they are SurveyCash, Fileice or any other site.You can easily avoid any online survey using this tool.
Conclusion :

These all methods are written on methods which are scattered over web and We does not guarantees that these methods will work, but still you can give them a chance to bypass online surveys for free. We are not promoting any kind of site or product.

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