How to make a fake virus in windows easily

Steps :-

1. Right click on the desktop and choose “Create Shortcut”.

2. A New window will pop up, Type in it :-
shutdown –s –t 900 –c “This Computer is Fuc*** by HTD”

3. Now click on “NEXT” button. Now you can choose the name of the fake name for the virus file choose anything like :-

“My Computer”

“Internet Explorer”

“Recycle Bin”

Its all depended on the user usage that's why i used these name cos these are the most used terms in a windows xp box.

4. Now click on “close” to close the window. a new shortcut would come on the desktop with the name you wanted.

5. Now to change the icon of the shortcut just Follow these steps :-

Right click it >> Properties >> Customize tab  >> Change icon >> Browse >> Choose the icon >> Click OK

6. All done hell yeah…

7. Now just wait and watch..

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