How To Set Your PC as a Torrent Server !!

Most of you will be aware of Torrent files and it’s usage. Torrent are usually used for sending and receiving large files over the web. Although there are many other ways uploading the file to online cloud storing services like Dropbox , Google Drive or One drive. But,this method is not practical. I mean it is illogical to first of all upload the file and then ask someone to download it. Look it like this way , it is your file which needs to be shared, it is your file which needs to be downloaded and it is you whose internet data is consumed. Huh….

Here is where Torrent comes to the rescue. Simply follow the following steps :-

– First of all, you need to create a Torrent file for the required file which needs to be shared. But before it, download uTorrent or BitTorrent client .

– After it,open BitTorrent or uTorrent and click on create new Torrent on top.

– Next, you will be asked to select the desired files which you need to share. Select the files and hit Enter key.

– In the previous part, we have created a torrent file and our half work is over. Next step is making your own computer as a torrent server. For this you need to upload those file on any torrent search engine. Torrent search engine are nothing but the sites you hear a lot about like kickasstorrent (also called as Kat), Piratebay etc.

So it is not these search engines that provide these files, they are just like Google which returns links of our use. Now, since we have created a torrent file, just go to any torrent website and find an option for uploading. Upload the required torrent file and you are now ready to share any file over the planet. Simply start seeding and all done!! You have learned how to create a Torrent File and Upload it on a Torrent Search Engine.

Hope you liked it. Feel free to share it and ask any questions from TrickedPC team in the comments.

Stay tuned and stay Tricked……

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