Facebook Photo Verification Trick 100% working 2016

There is two method of verification

1st method:-

1) Download and install TunnelBear app in your android or iPhone and make a new account.

2)Now change your location to Japan.

3)Then log in your blocked facebook account and enter the captcha code.

Here you will notice that there is no pic verification instead it will ask your phone number

4)Just change japan phone code to your country code and enter your phone number.

5)Now you will get a confirmation code in your phone number, just enter this code and you will be login your account.

2nd Method(It is difficult than 1st)-

1) Log in to your Facebook Account, after this, you will be forced to enter the captcha and then the step come in which you were asked to identify the photos in which your friends are tagged.

Here we will get 5 chances[5 photos + 2 skip option]

2) Now you have to just take a screen shot of 7 pictures one by one and save with 1,2,3,4.... [also use both skip options]

3) Repeat the step 2 again and again [depends on number of friends you have in your account]
If you have between 50-100 friends then you need at least 20 images.

4) Now when the same pic will come, just compare the pic with the previous screen shot of the same pic and you will see 5 names are different and 1 matches the previous pic names.

Here you can see Prem Pasricha in both pics, so Prem Pasricha is the correct answer.

5) Now you got one correct answer. Just save the answer in the notepad or any notebook.

Again when you will see the same pic, just compare and find the same name.

Do again and again these steps till then you got all the answer.

Note: In one day you can try only 3 times. And you have to do this for 2-3 days.

Once you find all your friends photos just try to solve the verification.

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