Find Any Facebook Friend's Email EVEN when it's HIDDEN

Find Any Facebook Friend's Email

Step #1: Making a yahoo email. So for this method you will in fact need a yahoo email address.
Note: when creating an account you will need to confirm your account via a mobile device. Once you have created your account: login.

Step #2: Preparing to pull emails. Now navigate up to the top where it says "Mail", with a purple envelope next to it. Click it, and it should take you to your inbox. Once in your inbox, go to the top left and hit the "contacts" tab.

Step #3: Getting the emails So once you have done all this, it comes to the easy part. Towards the middle of your screen you should see a main form where it asks you various ways to import contacts... (Yes you guessed it!) You click on "Import New" directly to the right of the Facebook icon

As you proceed to do this, a Facebook pop-up will appear; asking you to login. Obviously you login. And That's it! All of your friends on your Facebook friends list will appear in your contacts. And the email they use to login will be displayed right under their name.

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